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Beka <br />Ultimate Easel + Leg Extensions, chalkboard, marker board, cutter

Ultimate Easel + Leg Extensions, chalkboard, marker board, cutter

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Item Description

Built to last, our Ultimate Double-Sided Child's Easel includes a built-in paper holder, two large 24" x 24" art surfaces (chalkboard, white markerboard or washable magnet board), choice of natural wood or red plastic paint trays, and a paper cutter. Add our optional Leg Extension Kit to make your easel adjustable to heights up to 53-1/2". Leg Extensions may be ordered with your Ultimate Easel or added later (order them in Easel Accessories).

The most flexible of our double-sided easels, this natural hard maple easel comes with a top mounted paper holder that positions a roll of art paper above both art surfaces, where it is very accessible. This feature allows paper to stay in place even when the easel is folded for storage. A center storage platform holds the easel securely open during use (creating a sturdy A-frame tough enough for heavy use); pivoting the center platform up and out of the way allows an adult to fold the easel after simply removing one paint tray. Paper rolls are sold separately; adding a paper roll with a hanger allows two rolls of paper to be used at the same time.

Our Ultimate Easel comes assembled and ready to use at a height of 41-1/2"; just add the paint trays. Adding our Leg Extension Kit allows the easel height to be adjusted from 42-1/2" - 53-1/2". Weight 19 - 25 lbs, depending on options selected. Adult Assembly Required.

Included in: Dr. Toy's Smart Toys List

1) What is the difference between the ultimate and deluxe easel? The difference is that the ultimate starts at a shorter height (42") and has the option to add extension legs making the easel adjustable in height (with 4 different heights to choose from, up to 54") and the deluxe easel has one height (48").
2) Can the Magnet Board also be used as an art surface? The magnet board is primarily designed for use with magnets. It is washable and can also be used with "high quality" dry-erase markers like the Dixon markers we sell (we recommend attention to cleaning regularly and diligently, as it is not as reliable a wipe-off markerboard as our standard markerboard). The magnet board is double-sided (thus can be flipped over).
3) Some pros/cons of the two tray options (red vs. wood): The red tray has a sharp look, can be cleaned/washed out with water, and is an inch taller than the wood tray. The wood tray has an all-natural look and is sturdier (it would take a hammer to break it as opposed to the more "flexible" plastic). You would not want to get the wood tray wet, so drawings on the trays need to be sanded off or simply enjoyed! Most people like the character and patina of a wood tray over time, almost making the easel itself a piece of art.

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