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Bubber Modeling Clay <br />White Bubber in a Box 15 oz.

Bubber Modeling Clay
White Bubber in a Box 15 oz.

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Item Description

Bubber White is the lightest modeling compound on earth! Bubber is an excellent source for tactile stimulation, improving gross- and fine-motor skills in a satisfyingly gentle way that even the tiniest or weakest hands can shape this compound. Surprisingly light, it feels like a cross between marshmallows and silky Styrofoam, it's unbelievably soft with a silky texture! It leaves clean, sharp edges when cut and precise impressions when imprinted. Bubber and your cookie cutters are all your young aspiring baker needs to create dozens of light-as-air cookies or create castles when studying the Middle Ages; your child will retain so much more when it is reinforced by building. Children enjoy working with Bubber because it is not sticky or gritty; it actually feels warm in their hands and Bubber never leaves a residue, dries out, and it cleans up quickly and easily and so light it can float.

By Waba Fun

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