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Late for the Sky Games <br />Garfield-opoly Board Game

Late for the Sky Games
Garfield-opoly Board Game

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Play Garfield-opoly and celebrate America's #1 feline. Collect favorite properties and raise the rent by adding Hot Dog Carts and trading them in for Buffets. Play to rule the board game and the Fat Cat himself. He's a Wisecracking, Nap-Taking, Coffee-Guzzling, Lasagna-Loving, Spider-Whacking, Mailman-Mauling, Dog-Punting Fat Cat… and we love him! Choose your token and advance to Breakfast. It's all fun and game s until you end up on Rise & Shine and you're out of the game for three turns. Who knows! You may soon find yourself escaping from obedience school…or burping loudly in a fancy restaurant. Whatever happens, it's going to be life according to Garfield ! For 2-4 players.

By Late for the Sky

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