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Late for the Sky Games <br />Wild Animalopoly Board Game

Late for the Sky Games
Wild Animalopoly Board Game

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The Wild Animalopoly Game by Late for the Sky has all the fun of a traditional real estate trading game with some wild animal twists. Instead of buying property, players become caretakers of animals. Instead of rent, players pay meal fees. A player collects 4 Elements - the land, water, food and clean air that all animals need to survive and trades them in for a habitat where an animal can survive on its own. Flip over the Animal Certificates in the Wild Animalopoly Game by Late for the Sky and you'll find several fun facts about each animal. Did you know a polar bear has coal-black skin? Or that a flamingo is pink because it eats shrimp? How about the fact that a giraffe hoof is the size of a large dinner plate? It's all fun and games until you land on HIDE FROM PREDATOR... then it's time to run to HIDING and you're out for 3 turns! You may become the caretaker of a two ton rhino. Or you might get fleas! Whatever Happens... It's howling good fun! IT'S WILD!

By Late for the Sky Games

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