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Woodstock Percussion <br />Blues Band Harmonica

Woodstock Percussion
Blues Band Harmonica

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Item Description

The Blues Band Harmonica by Woodstock Percussion develops the innate ability that all people are born with to make music .

Even before they speak, babies make music . Pots and pans are drums, birds sing songs for imitating, and rattles abound in anything that shakes. One of Woodstock Percussion 's award winning musical toys , the Blues Band Harmonica heaves that interest leaps and bounds further toward musical magic.

It universally unites, heals, and inspires. It ripens biology's wiring for communication, abstract thought, and discipline at its most developmentally critical stage. Because it's affordable, it makes those crucial advantages as accessible as a box of crayons. And it's also a lot of fun!

The Blues Band Harmonica by Woodstock Percussion belts out the blues in the key of C. It features the classic Hohner nameplate recognized by musicians as well as novices, and it comes complete with a song sheet.

Bring home a melody of imagination, discovery, and fun with the Blues Band Harmonica by Woodstock Percussion from Kazoo Toys today!

By Woodstock Percussion

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