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The Young Scientists Club <br />Set 5: Water & Capillary Action & Air Kits

The Young Scientists Club
Set 5: Water & Capillary Action & Air Kits

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Set 5: Water, Capillary Action, Air by Young Scientists Club explores the two most important and basic aspects of our world - water and air. Young Scientists learn about the different properties of water by dissolving substances in water, creating an iceberg, and making a siphon. The highlight of this science kit is when Scientists make a submarine out of a soda can and learn how a submarine dives and rises. Young scientists learn about the fun properties of air by performing lots of "tricks" such as shrinking a soda bottle, moving a snake, expanding a dented ping-pong ball, collapsing a juice box, extinguishing a candle by both depleting oxygen and adding carbon dioxide, and lots more! This Young Scientists Club kit is designed to introduce a full range of science concepts to kids in a simple and fun way.

By The Young Scientists Club

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