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The Young Scientists Club <br />Star Pilot Space Kit

The Young Scientists Club
Star Pilot Space Kit

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This unique Young Scientists Star Pilot Space Kit combines technology, invention, culture, fun, and learning --all in one mesmerizing kit. Young Scientists will explore the night sky using a specialized astronomical device called the Star Pilot which navigates the sky and locates the brightest stars and constellations . An attractive and detailed color illustrated manual includes fun astronomical information, experiments, diagrams, and constellation legends from cultures around the world. Using this Star Pilot kit your child will learn about the life cycle of a star, discover asterisms such as the Big Dipper, locate 23 constellations in the night sky, make a night-vision flashlight, perform a binocular fusion experiment, and much, much more. The final section of the manual contains beautifully illustrated celestial legends including the legends of the Milky Way by the ancient Greeks and Chinese, the stories of Orion and Leo, a Native American Indian legend of Big Bear and its hunters, as well as many other interesting cultural legends! Also included in this amazing kit is a poster with fun astronomical information that will enhance any wall! Maybe the coolest item in the kit is the Slooh telescope card and accompanying activity book. Slooh is network of live professional telescopes located around the world that you look through and control online from your computer -- in real time! When you activate your award-winning Slooh card you'll be able to schedule time on these high-power telescopes to view objects like the Moon, Orion nebula, and Andromeda galaxy, which is 2.5 million light years away. You can even take pictures of them with cameras coupled to the scopes. You won't find a better introduction to space for a curious kid than the Star Pilot Space Kit by Young Scientists Club .

By The Young Scientists Club

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