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Zometool <br />Animal Virus Science Kit

Animal Virus Science Kit

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Zometool Animal Virus Science Kit explains a virus is a mobile, teeny munitions plant for reproducing weapons of micro-destruction. This "bio-crystal" is smaller than a spec of dust and inert as a rock untill it starts to wreak havoc by draining your life force to clone itself with robotic precision!

  • The Adenovirus family can infect dogs, horses, sheep, cattle, pigs, goats and humans!
  • Respiratory infections, tonsilitis and conjunctivitis are but a few of the possible outcomes of tangling with Adenoviruses.
  • Take a (safe) closer look and learn what they do with your DNA.
  • New texts co-developed with Dr. Steve Yoshinaga.

    * Parents' Choice Approval Award and one of Parenting Magazine's Best Toys of the Year

    By Zometool

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